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Die World of Cats - „Online Fun Cat Show“!
Showdate: July 11- 12th, 2020
Best in Show announcement on July 19th, 2020 4pm


ENTRIES OPEN:  1. Juni, 2020    
ENTRIES CLOSE: 30. Juni 2020


Babies6-12 weeksall sexes
Kitten3 – 6 monthall sexes
Junior6 – 9 monthsall sexes
Adultall agesall sexes
Altersall agesall sexes
House Hold Petall agesall sexes

Zusätzliche Funringe:

Oldiesall Cats from 7 years
British Shorthaircats all ages
Maine Cooncats all ages
Pet Lover cats all ages
Siberiancats all ages
Siam/OSH/Thaicats all ages

very Judge will judge all Cats! So you 8 times the chance to be in a finale!

How do I enter my cat?

You can enter your cat by visiting our link (coming soon) and filling out the form
Please use one entry form per cat.

Cats that are registered breeds accepted can be entered into Adult,
Alter and Kitten classes. These cats should have a pedigree from any recognized association.
Cats without a pedigree are entered into the Household Pet Adult or Kitten classes.
You can enter any cat with Pedigrees in the Rings that fit the description.

My cat looks like a Maine Coon/Siamese/British Shorthair/etc but does not have a pedigree .
Where do I enter it? Your cat would be entered in HHP Adult or Kitten classes.

What kind of pictures do you need for my entry?

At least 2 - 3 pictures of each cat showing a close up frontal, profile and body for the entriesNo humans should be identifiable in the pictures.
Your pictures should be at a reasonable size and in focus, they do not need to be professional photos.

Please do not post your entry into the
World of Cats - „Online Fun Cat Show“2020!
Facebook group!

This is to prevent identification of your cats to judges.