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World of Cats - THE world exhibition!
Show date: November 16 - 17, 2024

Show registration deadline: October 31, 2024


Kitten3 – 6 monthall sexes
Junior6 – 9 monthsfemale + male separated
Adultall agesfemale + male separated
Altersall agesfemale + male separated

Additional funrings:

Kittens3 - 6 months female + male (one class).
Juniors6 - 9 months female + male (one class).
Adultsfrom 9 months female + male (one class)
Neuters from 9 months female + male (one class)
Oldies (free of charge) from 7 years female + male (one class)
Honorary class (free of charge)female + male with highest possible achieved title (one class)

Participation in the ring costs 10,- € per cat and ring
25% of the proceeds go to the KFG e.V. cat protection.

You support animal protection!

How do I enter my cat?

You can register your cat by filling out the registration form on our website.
Please use one entry form per cat.

Cats from recognized breeds, can compete in the respective kitten, junior, adult and neuter class. We separate male and female cats.
These cats should have a pedigree from a recognized association.
Cats without pedigrees will be entered in the adult domestic cat classes.
You may enter any cat with a pedigree in the rings that matches the description.

My cat looks like a Maine Coon/Siamese/British Shorthair/etc but has no pedigree or papers?
Your cat would compete in the adult or kitten domestic cat classes and be entered accordingly.