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Registration fees

Bank details:

Cat Club Germany e.V.
IBAN: DE35 7505 0000 0027 7329 32

ServiceSingle judgementDouble judgement
Cat (for the 1. and 2.Cat)27,00 €46,00 €
Cat (from 3. Cat)25.00 €44.00 €
Household Pet                                                                               19.00 €36.00 €
Litter (mind. 3 Cats in the Age from 10 to 16 Weeks)45,00 €75,00 €
Three animals in a double cage5 € discount on the total bill
Single cat in double cageper Double cage: 15,00 €
Catalog and wastedisposal per show weekend: 10,00 €
Payment at entryper payment: 10,00 €
Change of registration after closing date per exhibitionper exhibition weekend: 10,00 €
Cancellation of registration before closing date20% of the fees due
Cancellation after closing date100% of the fees due
Change of class at exhibitionfree of charge
color determination10,00 €

1. these fees are due per show day.
2. this fee is due only once on a show weekend, regardless of your participation on one or both show day(s).
3. please use the direct debit authorization or bank transfer.

Exhibition cages

  • According to the instructions of the veterinary office, no single cages may be allocated at this exhibition!
    Double cage: 140 x 70 x 70 cm

  • Example: You enter e.g. 3 cats = 2 Sturdi's or 2 double cages.

  • Changing an assigned cage at the show is only permitted with the express permission of the show management.
    Own Sturdi's are allowed. However, these must not exceed the size of 1.40 m. Own cages may not exceed 0.70 m per cat. For a cat in its own cage, the dimensions 140 x 70 x 70 cm are also prescribed!

    The respective veterinary offices specify the cage sizes. These specifications are binding for both clubs and exhibitors.


Rules for incomplete applications

  • The pattern of the reported tabby cat is then always classic, for semi-longhair always mackerel.
  • The cat is then always male.
  • The cat then always starts in the open class.
  • In white cats, the eye color is then always orange.