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How does the online fun show works?

After all cats have been registered by 06/30/20, the pictures will be identified with reference numbers without the name of the cat or owner.

At the official “exhibition date”(July,11-12th, 20), the judges will have access to another Facebook page on which all folders with the respective pics of the participating cats.

These are assessed by the judges. All Judges will “judge” all cats and will place them in a own final with 10 cats of each categorie.

We will then present these animals on the Facebook page!

Then we have 8 judges from each of the best animals in a category / group from which the winner of the respective category is then selected and presented.

We then have 11 winning cats from each category. Here the judges then choose the superstar of the online show!

Please keep in mind that this is a fun show, which is supposed to bring the exhibitors through the current time without real exhibitions and above all serves to support the cat protection with the income!

We are all proud of our Cats! Be there!